Grimsby can link you to anywhere in the world with its network of fish importers, fish exporters and our U.K. – wide delivery system. We have transport lorries arriving daily from all across Europe; Denmark, Holland, Hungary, Spain & France and there are ferries inbound from Iceland and Norway bringing fresh fish supplies from their sustainably managed fisheries. From further out there are freight flights from Sri-Lanka and New Zealand.

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If you like Oysters then get in touch with Cape Wrath Oysters
“We’ll send oysters directly to your home or restaurant, anywhere in the UK.”

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If you have friends or relatives in London then I have contact with the London Fishmonger delivering weekly to the City. Here is a link to put Londoners in touch with a Grimsby based London Fishmonger: Fishmonger in London

If you have an interest in things financial then I do know a little about crypto-currencies. Also have a friend who has been a Gold Dealer in the Grimsby area for many years but also can offer a price for your gold items in Coventry; unwanted jewellery and coins such as gold sovereigns or krugerrands. Please have a look at the website at

The Grimsby fishdocks are closed on bank holiday mondays so I can’t get supplies of fresh fish, here’s a link to bank holiday dates:

At Christmas it’s usually three weeks when the docks are closed.

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