May 5th Update:

Next deliveries will be 11th & 12th of May and fortnightly thereafter.

I will be calling AT ONLY my regular customers on a fortnightly basis from now onward. Unfortunately due to time constraints I don’t have a spare minute in the day for any extra calls!

I don’t have a spare minute to take on new customers or to wait anywhere for new customers to visit me; tuesdays for me are now 13 1/2 hours long – after driving for over two hours to reach Coventry!

I need to place an order with my suppliers on fridays hence I need to know what my customers want before this so please try to order early !

I have no idea what fish is available until I arrive on the docks each monday morning – nothing is guaranteed to be available so please understand that I might not have exactly what you would like. I do try to fulfil all orders but I can only sell a fillet of fish once and occasionally supply doesn’t meet demand. I am working extra time on monday afternoons preparing my customers individual orders to try to keep everyone happy & so far things haven’t gone too bad.

A change in working practice is required. I will not be continuing my stand at Jubilee Crescent. The tuesday when lockdown started I was one hour behind schedule by 7pm and exchanged 94 messages/calls. 840 texts in April – please see below! 


I will be calling at the Allesley Village Hall on wednesdays.
Please do visit the market there and ask for details of how to find me. I plan to be in the village from around 10am until 10:20am fortnightly, they do have my telephone number. My last stop is the Earlsdon Park Village Retirement Complex around 10:30am for a few minutes to service pre-orders from residents there. I do often have a small selection of fish available.

On all of my house calls I will need to deliver without direct personal contact. This will mean leaving your fish in a suitable open clean container / saucepan, only with a lid on if it is left outside, in your porch or by your doorstep. Please leave your money loose in the container – no plastic bags or envelopes.
If possible please leave your porch door opened so I do not need to touch the door handle.

Before the weekend is best for pre-orders so I can place an order with my supplier.
A pre-order by text is the easiest/best way for me if possible but a phone call is fine, I will probably not reply unless there is a problem, please do not reply again with a thank-you,  too many messages incoming preventing me from going to my next stop.

Also a note on your door or on the container is fine. By all means place the container in position when you see me arrive or just before, also a wave through the window will let me know that all is good. I will always have enough change if needed. If you do need to talk to me then please give me a shout but then close your door before I deliver your fish.
I am keeping my distance from anyone & everyone where possible. If you do visit me in person at the van please remain at a suitable distance away on the footpath – this is very important for traceability reasons. To carry on my work I need to be able to demonstrate that I am able to work in a self-contained way with no personal contact.

The best hand-picked fresh Grimsby fish in Coventry, tuesdays & wednesdays only!

The journey in my fishvan to Coventry starts at 3.30am each tuesday morning with my first doorstep call just before 9.00 am. If you would like the Coventry fishman to bring you fresh fish every week and you live very close to an existing call on my daily route and are home when I visit then I might?? be able to call at your house.


Many thanks for all of your kind comments about Bayda’s puppies They are the cutest puppies ever and all are doing well.

My customers tell me that with living in Coventry fish, especially good quality fresh fish is hard to find. But they know where to find it. I’m on Grimsby Fish Docks (I live in Grimsby) early on monday mornings selecting the best fish from several merchants along with smoked fish from Ian’s smoke house, MTL.  Main seafood varieties include haddock, cod, plaice, salmon, seabass and trout. Kippers, smoked haddock, herring roe & fishcakes. Also depending upon availability and market-price are hake, tuna, halibut, lemon sole, mackerel, whiting, Pollock, monkfish tail, red bream, witches, sliced smoked salmon and Hot Kiln-roasted Salmon. Seasonal lines include cod roe – sometimes called Hard Roe, Fresh Dressed Crabs and Mussels.


My customers tell me that mine is the best fish they’ve ever tasted –


easterprize 2

Congratulations to all the Winners of the winter and spring prize draws. Keep an eye out for news of the next one!


Jubilee Crescent

A short video of where you can find me in Radford:

This is what the Grimsby Fishing Industry used to be like before politics got in the way and the Cod Wars in the 1970’s when NATO wanted a base close to Russia and Iceland thus gained a 12 mile and 200 mile exclusion zone. European Union fish quota developments were the final straw;

Below is a five minute video of what goes on down dock. Red Bream being filleted, skate wings being skinned, a fish house on a cold day with warm hats, large cod being cut. These guys and some girls work long hours from 5am until 3pm in unheated fish houses, in the winter there’s always ice from the fish boxes floating in the cutting tubs.

video by AiLExecution

And finally, for anyone who thinks Grimsby might be grim, it is actually called Great Grimsby  Some of my history; I attended the Tollbar School featured in the video (1974-1979)  I was chatting on the phone this week (4th March 2021) with the chap in black woolly hat shovelling ice into his fish-van – also Coventry area deliveries, and know most of the van lads in that part of the video. Still buy fish from Excel Seafoods, Dean in the blue apron who does market stands has a stand in my village on thursdays – chatting with him today at one of our suppliers, tooted at Dave – main man at Enderby’s Smokehouse for decades- as I left the docks, I used to buy boxes of frozen cod from Gary Cadey at the Seafood Village to supply Jubilee Crescent Community Centre in Radford, I recycle the used cooking oil for the market café where the CATZERO trainee chef is working in the Freeman Street Market, my nephew attended the Catch Industrial Training College as part of his apprenticeship. I was at the Grimsby Institute for my plumbing qualification over four years to Advanced Craft City & Guilds (Apprentice of the year award & Christian Cup 1983,) and also did basic and advanced City & Guilds website building at the Franklin College featured in the video and do part-time website work ( I had a call from Keith Clifton recently to help with his daughter Joanne’s (Strictly Come Dancing Glitter Ball Winner 2016) online dance teaching work. I’ve danced ballroom, Latin & jive a fair few times with Kevin Clifton’s (Strictly Come Dancing Glitter Ball Winner 2018) mum, Judy. Motorbike Ace Guy Martin is cousin to the ex-wife of one of my mates – it’s a small world over here in Great Grimsby.

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