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The best hand-picked fresh Grimsby fish in Coventry.

The journey in my fishvan to Coventry starts at 3.40am each tuesday morning with my first doorstep call just before 9.00 am. If you would like the Coventry fishman to bring you fresh fish every week and you live on my daily route and are home when I visit then I might be able to call at your house. Alternatively please visit me at Jubilee Crescent at the car park by the doctor’s surgery between Tesco and Asda. 11:00am to 12:30pm Every Tuesday. Also Wednesday mornings at the Allesley Village Hall Country Market, 10:00am to 10.30am.

Many thanks for all of your kind comments about Joni’s puppies They are fully grown now and all are doing well.

New customers tell me that with living in Coventry fish, especially good quality fresh fish is hard to find. Now you know where to find it. I’m on Grimsby Fish Docks (I live in Grimsby) early on monday mornings selecting the best fish from several merchants along with smoked fish from Ian’s smoke house, MTL. I hand-pick my fish as it is cut to ensure you get the best quality available. Main seafood varieties include haddock, cod, plaice, salmon, seabass and trout. Kippers, smoked haddock, herring roe & fishcakes. Also depending upon availability and market-price are hake, tuna, halibut, lemon sole, mackerel, whiting, Pollock, monkfish tail, red bream, witches, sliced smoked salmon and Hot Kiln-roasted Salmon. Seasonal lines include cod roe – sometimes called Hard Roe, Fresh Dressed Crabs and Mussels.


I deliver Fresh Fish to Coventry every tuesday and wednesday. You can find me in Jubilee Crescent, Radford on tuesday for two hours 11.00am till 12.30pm then in Allesley at the Village Hall Country Market every wednesday 10.00am till 10.45am

My customers tell me that mine is the best fish they’ve ever tasted –


easterprize 2

Congratulations to all the Winners of the winter and spring prize draws. Keep an eye out for news of the next one!

A short video of where you can find me in Radford:

Below is a five minute video of what goes on down dock. Red Bream being filleted, skate wings being skinned, a fish house on a cold day with warm hats, large cod being cut. These guys and some girls work long hours from 5am until 3pm in unheated fish houses, in the winter there’s always ice from the fish boxes floating in the cutting tubs.

video by AiLExecution

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